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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Modify and Cancel e-way bill under GST with screenshots

Hello, in this post we will discuss how to modify, update and cancel e-way bill under GST in case of any changes required. We will cover the following.

Steps to Update the Vehicle Number on e way bill

While generating an e-way bill Vehicle number is optional. But, an e-way bill without the Vehicle number is not valid for the movement of goods.
The e-way bill portal provides you with the option of updating vehicle number, it can be used in the following cases.
  • If the Vehicle Number was not entered while generating the e-Way Bill OR
  • The goods are shifted to another vehicle / conveyance during transit due to break down or any transshipment.
Follow the steps to update vehicle number on GST e-way bill
Step-1 Go to with your login credentials. Click on e-way bill and select “Update Part B/ Vehicle
Modify or cancel e-way bill 1
Step-2  On selecting Update Part B/ Vehicle the following screen appears. Here select the appropriate option and enter the e-way bill number and click on “Go”.
Modify or cancel e-way bill 2
Modify or cancel e-way bill 3
List of filtered e-Way Bills will appear according to your choice. Select the relevant e-Way Bill for which you want to update the vehicle number.
Step-3 Fill the relevant details on this page and click on “Submit
Modify or cancel e-way bill 4The e-way bill gets updated and if there are any errors it will be displayed on the screen.

Steps to Update Transporter ID on e-way bill

Originally assigned Transporter/ seller who generated Eway bill can change/ re-assign the Transporter ID thereby replacing the existing transporter with a new transporter.
If the originally assigned transporter assigns another transporter by changing the Transporter ID, then the seller cannot make any changes.
Here are the steps of re-assignment of another transporter:
Step-1 Under e-way bill, select Update EWB transporter option.
Modify or cancel e-way bill 5
Step-2 Enter the e-way bill number and click on “Go
Modify or cancel e-way bill 6
Step-3 Next, enter the new transporter ID (the name of the transporter appears automatically for you to check). Then, click on “Submit
Modify or cancel e-way bill 7
The updated Eway bill appears on the screen. Click on Print to print the E-way bill.

Steps to Cancel e-way bill

If the goods were not transported as per the details given in the e-way bill, then the generator of that e-way bill can cancel the e-way bill.
  • E-way bills can be canceled by the Generator of that e-way bill only.
  • The time-limit to cancel is within 24 hours of generating the e-way bill.
  • Once canceled, it is illegal to use such E-Way Bill.
  • If the e-Way Bill is verified by any empowered officer it cannot be canceled.
Follow the below steps:
Step-1 Click on the e-way bill option and select Cancel from the drop down.
Step-2 Enter the EWB number for which e-way bill you want to cancel and click on “Go
Modify or cancel e-way bill 9

    This ends the post. Let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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